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Ayianna  is a young half-elf who dreams of becoming a Stargazer. Unfortunately, her parents have other plans, and they betroth her to Desmond, a dashing young man with an eye for the royal courts of Badara. But then her father is murdered, and she discovers her family has been keeping secrets.





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Liam. The silver wolf was a gift from Ayianna’s brother when they had first moved to the plains. Since then, she’s been Ayianna’s faithful companion.




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Desmond, a draper of the finest silks and weaves inherited his father’s business. He is as shrewd as he is handsome and wants nothing more than to be Prince Vian’s right hand man, and to fulfil the position, he needs a wife.




Vian background web



Prince Vian, Son of King Valdamar of Badara, has lived a sheltered life of ease, but his father is distant, and the servants whisper behind his back. Alone, he finds friendship with Desmond, hoping to win the approval of his father when the time comes for him to take the throne.



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Kael, some say he is a half-elf, but he never knew his mother. His father was one of the Lords of the elven council and never spoke about her. Kael was determined to follow the path of his father until tragedy struck. Not once, but twice, losing his wife, his son, and his sister.  He vows to never love again and ponders accepting the High Guardian’s recommendation to join the Circle.



Saeed background web


Nevin Saeed. High Guardian and headmaster of the Kayulm’sa Nutraadzi. The oldest living elf among the nations, he saw the last sacrifice performed and was one of the first to volunteer to become a Guardian, even if he was only five years old at the time. But he’d rather forget those memories. Now death’s fingertips are tugging at his soul, and he must choose his successor among the remaining Nevins to lead the Guardian Circle.



Semine background web



Sorceress Semine, the high priestess of Raezana. She had once been on the path to becoming a guardian, but her mentor had persuaded her to join him on a rescue mission. Free the glorious being from the Underworld, he said, and since then, Semine has done nothing but the will of Raezana. Not without a price.



Derk background web



Derk. Semine’s old friend from the  Kayulm’sa Nutraadzi. His petition to join the Guardian Circle was denied, and he walked away from years of studies and hard work to join Semine in freeing Raezana. But for the last fifty years, he has lived in exile among the criminal outcasts, wanting nothing more to do with Semine or her feeble goddess bound in the Underworld. That is, until he received a letter from Semine with an interesting request: Do you want to be king?